Central Board of Film Certification in India has crossed all its previous records in making controversies. This time it is in news for rejecting to certify a Malayalam movie, Jayan Cherian’s ‘KA Bodyscapes’ on the basis that the movie portrayed Hindu gods in an obscene light and had contents of nudity. Jayan commented that the movies must be certified after watching the whole movie and … Continue reading CENSURING THE CENSOR


The roars of protest against the imposition of Hindi began when the usage of the language on the signboards of Bengaluru Metro stations drew the attention of the citizens and activists in mid June. The signs displayed three languages-English, Hindi and Kannada. Karnataka being home to over 6.6 crore population of the country has more than forty percent Kannada speakers, followed by Urdu, Telugu, Marathi … Continue reading BALKING THE TALK


All the trips Prime Minister Modi conducts on behalf of India have always aimed for positive developments in favor of the country. This year too, PM Modi devotes his excursions to boasting about India’s economic and defense management as well as to attracting more investment from some of the biggest economies in the world. PM Modi opened the tour with a two day trip to … Continue reading THE PRIME MINISTER’S SOJOURNS