Another Tragedy Strikes Indian Schools

That dreadful morning at Ryan International school (Bhondsi, Gurugram) on 8th September changed the lives of many within a span of ten minutes. Pradyuman Thakur, a class two student who was brutally murdered in the washroom of the school was found half dead with a slit throat. The victim was immediately taken to two different hospitals after which he was declared dead. The parents of the victim rushed to the school when they received a phone call from the school authorities. The sudden and mysterious death of the seven year old raised many questions. The police were not informed after the crime and the act of the teacher making a student wash the victim’s bloodied water bottle arose suspicion among the parents and the police.


Ashok kumar, a bus conductor was arrested within twenty four hours of the murder. According to the police he was trying to sexually haress the child and on resistance panicked and slit the throat of the child in fear of being caught. Harpal,who found the boy bleeding first said, “My duty starts at 7am in the school. After reaching school last Friday, I had worked for at least half an hour. There are three gardeners in the school. Two other gardeners were working when I came inside to drink water from the cooler. The cooler is placed just outside the (ground floor) washroom. I drank and started walking back but hadn’t even reached midway when I heard screams. There were two to three kids who said, ‘uncle ji, what has happened to this kid’, pointing to Pradhyumn. I also got nervous. The kids then told me ‘uncle, go and call Anju madam’ (junior school section-in-charge Anju Dudeja). ” Ashok kumar took the child in his arms staining his dress with blood. Harpal claimed that the police slapped and beat men with sticks and dunk his head in the water trying to pressurise him. He claims that the accused did not have any blood stains on his shirt until he took Pradyuman to hospitalise him.


The post mortem report indicated that there was no sign of any kind of sexual haressment and shock and hemorrahage were the cause of death. The autopsy report added that the slit on his neck along with the other two conditions were enough to cause death. Some parents protested and set a liquor shop on fire. Many other parents feared to send their children to school. A candle light march was arranged for Pradyumn. The police noticed that there were no seperate toilets for the students & the teaching and non teaching staffs, the boundary walls were not high enough and there were no sufficient CCTV cameras at the place of crime. The parents who were suspicious were not satisfied with the police investigation.

The father of the victim stated that he believed it was a planned murder. The CBI suspects the school authorities to be involved in the murder. Ryan group of schools was alleged for violating the security norms. The trustees Ryan Pinto and his parents were arrested “Careless attitude of the school authorities and lapses in the security seems to have led to the murder of Pradhyumn. Interrogation of Ryan Pinto is very much essential in the interest of investigation of the case and also to unearth the larger conspiracy behind the murder,” the agency has claimed. They were granted an interim bail till 5th December. The family of the victim to challenge the anticipatory bail in the supreme court. It’s been a month since the death of the innocent boy and the mystery behind the crime is still a mystery.

– Monisha Gupta

(Image source: Google)


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