Naxals : With new face and light

NAXALITES – the word that inflicts fear among civilians, poses a threat to our internal national security, an obstacle for the serene functioning of our government and before condemning them furthermore, let’s take a look at who these mercenaries really are, their objectives, the reason for their activities, what made them choose this path, an unconstitutional path which is wholly unacceptable by the society.


Naxalites originated in 1965 at Naxalbari village in West Bengal as a revolutionary group against the corrupt and insatiable landlords. The peasants during the sixties faced the worst form of exploitation. Even after two decades of independence, their fate remained unrefined. The political system did not bring much of a change, peasants were still being exploited, armed uprising was their only way out. As a result, there was a mass revolt. The tribes armed with bows and arrows occupied land by sticking a red flag printed with a sickle and a hammer establishing ownership. Their main objectives were the redistribution of land, ensuring minimum wages to labours, enforcing a social code and so on. This movement was at its peak during the seventies and was mostly influenced by the Chinese revolution. Naxalites use guerilla methods of combat for their defence or to attack the forces sent to curb them. They are mere nomads, never settle in a single place in order to escape and are combat army personnel. The Naxalites follow extreme left ideologies which propagate that all existing social relations in a capitalistic dominant society are exploitative by nature and a revolutionary by violent methods can end this exploitation. On interrogating why they attack the civil defence or the army personnel they answer – “Capitalists and imperialists are our enemies and these policemen take their side, leaving us no choice.”

The Naxalites usually get less time to relax. They learn to read and write, study the great works of leftists Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Engels. Some of the widely read are Marxism & the National Colonial Question, “Left-Wing” Communism: An Infantile Disorder, On Contradiction, The Communist Manifesto, etc. They train every day and take turns patrolling and going on raids and gleaning the problems of the villagers. There are instances where they provide medicines when hospitals are a mere luxury. They teach and enlighten farmers about their rights on the land which they cultivate. The Indian government is now providing aid and support to Naxalites who surrender themselves and provide them with a job with a regular paid salary.


Those who brand Naxalism under a terror organisation must also be aware of the treacherous crimes committed by the Sanghs or organisations which have developed in the name of social service. If the path chosen by the Naxalites is a violent path, then the death of infants caused due to irregular supply of oxygen in hospitals, suicides of farmers due to non-clearance of debts and many other atrocities caused due to the failure of government, is also a form of violence.


– Akshara DM

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